Gataxica was made for Women Game Jam 2021 on Unity

An astrocat is looking for food while travels across planets, in a ship. In one of the adventures, explores a forest that has species not ever seen before.

Built in a 3D world, with colorful scenery, Gataxica is a game where you fight against the clock, but still manage to enjoy nature and things that could be from our world but it aren't.

~Game in progress~


— Move the cat with  KEYBOARD ARROWS

— Use SPACE to jump


Galadriel: Game Developer (Portfolio)

Júlia Andrade: Game Designer (Portfolio)

Kassiana Fritz/Kat: 3D artist and Animation (ArtStation)

Laurinne Oliveira: Game Developer (Portfolio)

Natalia Petrutes: Sound designer (Portfolio)

Taidraw: 2D artist (Portfolio)

Thay: UI designer (Artstation)

Patrícia Klauck: 3D artist (ArtStation)

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